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2020 case Postcard Show - Videos online Exhibition Gallery

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Simon Greaves 


'A Brief History Of Mt Chincogan.'

Lead pencil, digital animation, human voice, foley sound effects


Song: Subterranean Homesick Alien.  Thom Yorke

'Up above Aliens hover,  Making home movies For the folks back home'


Tali Cohen Flantz


"Glass river"

digital media NFS


Robert Luis Stevenson

'Looking-Glass River' 


'Smooth it glides upon its travel,

Here a wimple, there a gleam –

O the clean gravel!

O the smooth stream!

Sailing blossoms, silver fishes,

Pave pools as clear as air –

How a child wishes To live down there! We can see our coloured faces Floating on the shaken pool

Down in cool places,

Dim and very cool'


Anastasia Saphira


'I See You'


Stop motion animation video Duration: 8s



'I see you'

The Horrors


Pamela Billington



"I'll make some tea & toast"

Jug 10 cm x 10 cm Sugar Bowl 12 cm x 13 cm

Ceramic, Red Terracotta with porcelain slip, underglaze & stain.

$30 each


Ian Dury

'Wake Up & make Love.'


Creating domestic bliss in lock down.

Jan Rae

FB: janalexandrarae


'Vuelvo al Sur'

30 sec Mp4 Video NFS


Inspired by "Return to the South"

music by Gotan Project

#142A Oksana Waterfall Chris Leach  'The Walk' 32 sec mp4 NFS  'The Walk' The Beatles

Oksana Waterfall/Chris Leach             


'The Walk'

32 sec mp4 NFS


'The Walk' The Beatles


'Well I know you heard of Suzie Q.

I know you heard of the chicken too

I know you heard of the cha-cha too

But the walk is dance that you can do

You just walk You just walk

Oh, you walk Yes, you walk Yeah, you walk

That's the walk.'





3D Animation


Song and songwriter: Claire Atkins

'Music is my Aeroplane'



Jan Rae

FB: janalexandrarae



'Desde Aquella Noche'

30 sec Mp4 Video NFS


Inspired by "From that night"

music by D'Arienzo

My creative output relates to my love of Tango music and dance. Having focused on performance drawing for my Masters degree (UNSW 2016) this is still an important component of my work. These recent vidoes combine my fascination with line, movement and Tango music.

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