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Art in The Pub - Nicola Moss - Monday 11th May

Curated ecology_Nature strip_Nicola Moss_2015 _72ppi_hand cut paper_140cm diameter

c.a.s.e. and Byron School of Art are delighted to welcome Gold Coast based artist

Nicola Moss whose talk, Layers of Life, will be about finding inspiration out of the studio, with a look at some projects and residencies from the past decade, and resulting works.

Nicola is currently working with cut paper and public art. Her practice observes and interprets ecology, looking at how communities shape and value environment.

Come and enjoy the talk , pictures and discussions over a glass of something from the bar or a delicious plate of food from the Courthouse kitchens. There is no charge for the talk.

To see more of Nicola's work click here

For more information on the Byron School of Art click here

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