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Art in the Pub - Sebastian Smee Sunday 6th August 6pm for a 6.30pm Start

Sunday 6th August 6pm for a 6.30pm Start

@ The Courthouse Hotel, Mullumbimby.

c.a.s.e. and the Byron School of Art are delighted to welcome

Sebastian Smee - The Art of Rivalry: Lucian Freud ad Francis Bacon

Sebastian Smee is a Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic and the author of 'The Art of Rivalry: four friendships,betrayals and breakthroughs in the modern art'. He will talk about the relationship between two gaints of British art - Lucian Freud and Frances Bacon. Come and enjoy the talk pictures and discussions over a glass of something from the bar or a delicious plate of food from the Courthouse kitchens.

There is no charge for the talk.

For more information on Sebastian click here and here


For more information on the Byron School of Art click here

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