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POSTPONED - Art in the Club Karen Stone Tuesday 11th June 6pm for a 6.30 pm start

contemporary art space & education (c.a.s.e. inc) are delighted to welcome:
Karen Stone

No place like home

Karen Stone’s papermaking practice uses domestic floral patterns and recycled cotton and linen clothing to make large-scale, handmade paper panels.

These floral panels are translations of Karen’s memories, feelings, and notions of home from the perspective of a single, older, non–home owning, Australian woman.

Karen is a Meanjin/Brisbane-based paper artist who has recently completed a Master of Visual Art (Research) degree at the Queensland College of Art and Design. Her handmade paper panels are currently part of the group exhibition, 'Rearranged: the art of the flower' at the Museum of Brisbane.

For more information on Karen's work click here:


Come and enjoy the talk pictures and discussions over a glass of something from the bar
There is no charge for the talk.
instagram: @c.a.s.e. inc
facebook: c.a.s.e. inc


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