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The 2023 c.a.s.e. Mentoring Grants

Mentees & Mentors


In 2023 c.a.s.e. announced our mentorship program. In this
program, artists could apply for a grant to enable them to seek
mentorship for an area of their practice they felt would benefit.
The applications showed a great response from artists from a wide range
of disciplines. Ten received grants. This gallery explores what happened next.

 Mentee Alex Hudson with Mentor Amber Wallace 

Alex on what her mentorship was about

Alex said she wanted to develop her "techniques with oil paints; colour theory and mixing; studio practice and develop a healthy mindset and approach to my art practice."

Alex on the program:

"My ability to experiment with different and unusual colour palettes and playing with a variety of thinner and thicker areas within the canvas has vastly expanded. I developed and expanded on my technique and understanding of oil paint, and basic studio practice. She (Amber) encouraged me to let myself fail, experiment, and play more; areas I have always found particularly challenging. This whole program has been nothing short of a gift and a joy, challenges included, and I would recommend it to anyone seeking guidance within their practice. The only advice I would give is to be realistic about your goal and be open for that to change,"

Amber on the mentoring experience:

'I feel honoured to have been invited to participate in the c.a.s.e. Mentoring program - mentoring Alex Hudson was a total joy. It is so important to nurture artistic dialogues and support each other, especially as women and mothers living in regional communities when the broader artworld can feel quite distant.  I enjoyed traveling to Alex's studio in the hills and sharing as much knowledge and providing guidance technically, professionally and conceptually. I look forward to Alex's work as it evolves.”

 Mentee Anthea Amore with Mentor Jacqui Sosnowski 

Anthea on what her mentorship was about

"I’ve been inspired to explore raku firing further and have a new project planned for Byron Writers Festival sculpture exhibition 2024. I have also gained a deeper understanding about form and surfaces and the relationship between them. My knowledge and experience with glazes and glaze application has developed during this mentorship."

Anthea on the program:

"I was inspired by Jacqui and the Raku firing technique and using raku glazes. The sudden and dramatic results you get in this unique firing process was a great learning curve and quite different from the traditional firing processes I’m used to.

My approach to form was more considered. My experience and knowledge of the alternative firing techniques deepened."

Jacqui on the mentoring experience:

"Anthea is very creative and often asked me to go where I hadn't gone before! My usual raku is black and white, but Anthea desired colour - lots of colour - in her work and so we worked together to get some glazes that would satisfy. This was not my usual aesthetic but it was great to stretch a bit and see if they also worked for me. Also, explaining things to her, made them clearer in my own mind - and sometimes I questioned just why I did the things that I do. We both experimented with reduction techniques to get different effects. She is willing and enthusiastic and we found we 'gelled' on a number of levels. It was great working with her."

 Mentee Bonita Shore with Mentor Sharon Muir 

Bonny on what her mentorship was about

Bonita's objectives were "to create more contemporary artwork, become a finalist in a significant art award and make better presentation of my artwork for entries." 

Bonny on the program:

"I am making, and have completed, more contemporary artwork.  Sharon believes my artwork is now ready to enter more significant art awards, particularly in textile/ fibre arts. 

I have also completed an online course through Fibre Arts Take Two on photographing your artwork, that I’m now able to put into practice, which may improve my chances of being accepted as a finalist.

Sharon was very encouraging but also provided honest, constructive feedback.  She encouraged me to find my focus through the loan of a book and to research other artists’ work I found appealing in the area of my interest.  I documented these in my art journal."

Sharon on the mentoring experience:

"During these past nine months I have taken a deep dive into the what, why and how of Bonny’s artistic field of textiles, uncovering her strengths and identifying hurdles, so she can create a strong professional practice.


Together we have looked at how to create opportunities and expand her way of thinking, whilst building on and refining what is already working in her practice. Bonny has been incredibly receptive to all of my suggestions, including changing her studio around to create a better space to work in.


I’ve immensely enjoyed the process of mentoring, so much so that I want to continue to offer mentoring to creatives once this program has finished."

 Mentee Gabrielle Miller with Mentor Julian Louis 

Gabrielle on what her mentorship was about

"We adapted our life-drawing performative class into a show that can be performed in a theatre. We elongated and evolved ideas to add more movement and narrative than we had in the past, blurring the lines between interactive workshop and performance."

Gabrielle on the program:

"We developed new ideas, restructured old ideas and learnt more about the ark of a theatre
Our horizon broadened and we pushed past previous limitations, tweaked performances, explored improvisation as a way to develop ideas, explored the structure of the show.

I think we would have needed more time to have been pushed and challenged. The moments of improvising ideas were the most impactful. And being inspired by Julian's previous work which we viewed together.

You find your own dynamic and language and it is far more complex and symbiotic than a
‘teacher/student relationship’

We have evolved and the show has a new formation, a huge part of that was this opportunity. Thank you"

Julian on the mentoring experience:

"I enjoyed the mentoring role very much – and I hope that Sophie and Gabi got what they hoped for out of this program."

 Mentee Jazzlyn Chapman with Mentor Stephen Bird 

 Mentee Jude White with Mentor Emma Walker 

Jazzlyn on what her mentorship was about

"The thing that changed in my art practice was learning new ways to approach ceramics...  I learnt about new techniques such as mould making, majolica and plate making. I learnt about mixing stains, pigments and painting techniques... how to mix glaze, and pack a kiln/unpack a kiln."

Jazzlyn on the program:

"I feel like I have gained some more confidence in my art... I learnt the things I wanted to and now have more experience and skills.

I don't necessarily think my art has changed much for now but I think in the future my art will evolve using the things I have learned from Stephen which I'm really excited about."

Stephen on the mentoring experience:

"It was a privilege to mentor Jazzlyn and get to know her goals and ambitions a bit better.  We soon arrived at a point where the studio conversation was wholly focussed on art, experimentation, new ideas and ways of production. Jazzlyn was a great help in the studio and we had some long and absorbed studio sessions making new works. Jazzlyn is now acting as the intern for my short course workshop at Byron School of Art and she continues to visit my studio either to make her own work or to help me as a studio assistant." 

Jude on what her mentorship was about

"Getting clearer about my direction and my discernment around where I am making decisions from."

Jude on the program:

"Emma challenged my beliefs and the rules I have created and been living by as an artist. She helped me break away from that mindset and give myself permission to find out who I really am as an artist.  This feels very liberating as I can make work that is just for me, and I believe my practice has expanded as a result.

Emma gave me deep insights into my thought processes when engaged in my practice and made me more conscious of my unhelpful limiting beliefs and the patterns that get in the way of moving forward in my practice. She helped me look at how I approach the work and be ruthlessly honest about my motivations. This has impacted the direction of my practice and has helped me come from a much more authentic place."

Jude on the mentoring experience:

"I found Emma to be very generous and supportive. She is a wonderful teacher and mentor. I would also like to continue to back her by attending her exhibition openings or any way she feels would be useful."

 Mentee Michelle Walker with Mentor Wendy Mills 

Michelle on what her mentorship was about

"I was working on scaling up sculpture works to public art scale, in particular, to apply to SWELL Sculpture Festival for the 2024 event."

Michelle on the program:

"She (Wendy) challenged me to think of factors such as stability, materials, safety with outdoor and large-scale sculptures open to the public. She highlighted alternatives that I hadn’t thought of, encouraged me to look at other artists.

One of the key things Wendy has also done (as well as respond to my queries and ideas) has been to share opportunities for showing my work as they have arisen during this past 9 months. One of those – Ingenuity Sculpture Festival in Mullumbimby – was a highlight for me last year. As well as overcoming some display and installation challenges with the site, I was recognized with the “Live Long & Prosper” Award (sponsored by Christina Kumari). 

Wendy has been perfect for this project. She is gently encouraging, fully supportive and has such an enormous amount of experience and knowledge that she generously shares. She’s allowed me to find my own way but given guidance at key points and on key matters."

Wendy on the mentoring experience:

"Michelle was a pleasure to mentor as she was focused on what she wished to achieve and receptive to new possibilities. The process allowed her to successfully transition from her earlier art practice into a new field of producing larger outdoor artworks and all its challenges.

The mentorship program is an innovative and valuable asset to younger and/or less experienced artists in the Northern Rivers area."

 Mentee Shanti Des Fours with Mentor Nicholas Hannah 

Shanti on what her mentorship was about

"I am an interdisciplinary artist, meaning I tend to know a little bit about a lot of different mediums and modalities. This can prove challenging when it comes to producing work.

With this mentoring project I aimed to develop my post-production knowledge in photography so as to gain the skills and confidence to take the photographic aspect of my
practice to the next level. I wanted to overcome the setbacks and delays caused by my limitations in this area, as well as enhance my understanding of fine art printing, which has been a major hurdle for me in the past."

Shanti on the program:

"Through these sessions I have gained exactly the knowledge and skills I needed in post-production processes and fine art printing. I have increased my confidence in developing new bodies of work and have a much fuller understanding of the processes and techniques needed to produce high quality photographic work. I feel as though this process has freed me up to focus much more of my creative energy on my creative practice itself, as I am confident I can now execute what I seek to create."

Shanti on the mentoring experience:

"Nicholas was organised, patient, enthusiastic. One great strength was the structure Nicholas provided... a working "plan" with a checklist of lessons.


Interestingly, I have also noted a new found confidence in other mediums too - working with the mentor has demonstrated the value of finding an ‘expert’ to help me execute a project. My lack of skills in a medium no longer feels quite so prohibitive. For example, this week I am off to work with a robotics engineer to develop a moving sculpture piece! I am very certain this mentorship experience has helped to broaden my horizons and become more expansive in my arts practice when considering what’s possible."

 Mentee Suzanne Whiteman with Mentor Andy Bambach 

 Mentee Yuka Takagi with Mentor Michael Cusack 

Suzanne on what her mentorship was about

"Interacting with Andy exposed me to new perspectives and styles of working, leading me to gain more confidence to explore different themes and ideas that I then put into our short documentary featuring Simi, created during the mentorship period titled:  ‘These Are The Sounds I Make’.


Our film has been screened internationally and locally, winning;

Third prize in the International Foreign Documentary Section at The India International Short Film Festival Awards (India).

Honourable Mention Award for the
Best Social Awareness Short Film at The Tamizhagam International Film Festival (India).


The film has also been selected for screening at:

The Kerala Short Film Festival 2024 (India).

The Byron All Shorts –Flickerfest Short Film Festival.

Suzanne on the program:

"My film making practice developed as Andy shared new techniques, different approaches and his  knowledge of digital creation. Andy’s guidance helped me to gain confidence as a film maker which
was one of the key objectives of the mentorship and together, we co-
designed and developed a short

documentary film.

Andy’s impact was positive, he gave me feedback and guidance encouraging me to take risks and extend myself during the mentorship. For example, I wanted to develop the soundscape for the film and Andy encouraged me to sing on the sound track of the film. This allowed me to also gain experience in recording music and participate in song writing as part of the mentorship."

Andy on the mentoring experience:

"I had a new learning experience through attending (with Suzanne) a ‘Supported Decision-Making’ workshop with the NSW Council of Intellectual Disability... This gave us direction in making a new disability film together focussing on supported decision making with ‘Simi’, a young woman with disabilities and a student of Suzanne’s.

The documentary film ‘These Are The Sounds I Make’ has been screened in national and international film festivals.

I enjoyed the mentorship time with Suzanne, making a new film and
working with people living with a disability. I enjoyed being a mentor and passing on some of my knowledge of filmmaking to Suzanne and Simi and look forward to continued collaboration."



Applications open: 

Wednesday 26th April 2023

Applications close:

Sunday 9th July 2023

Successful mentees & mentors, notified:

Sunday 23rd July 2023

Yuka on what her mentorship was about

"I embarked on creating a series with the exhibition in mind. The theme was the gratitude towards the kind hearted people I encountered through my arm injury. I found myself challenged to express the unseen beauty without painting expressions."

Yuka on the program:

"His (Michaels's) flexible approach to art making made me realizing the infinite potential of expression... it was very joyful. I learned how I can still express professionally even during the healing process of my arm injury.


Moreover, his genuine enjoyment of art making was incredibly positive influencing."

Michael on the mentoring experience:

"It was an absolute pleasure mentoring Yuka. She pushed through and made some beautiful work which included collage, drawing, painting, sculpture using found objects and video."

The 2023 c.a.s.e. Mentoring Grants

A mentor of your choosing

c.a.s.e is offering  ten mentoring grants to support ten Northern Rivers’ artists.

Up to $600 per successful grant recipient is available, to be used for mentoring sessions from; a professional artist; someone involved in the creative arts industry; or from someone whose field of expertise is linked to your  practice.


Female Swimmer
  • Provide one-to-one, relational learning experiences from more experienced practitioners.

  • Development and diversification of current skills and understandings in all aspects of your professional practice 

  • Expand your practice into wider fields of interest.

  • Development of reflective and conceptual practices.

  • Build networks within the Northern Rivers Arts Community.



To find out more on how to choose and approach a mentor, what a good mentor experience might look like and what you can give back to the mentor, click on the following links:

Useful links about mentoring


Paper Craft

Applicant eligibility:​

  • Must be based either in the Ballina, Byron, Lismore, or Tweed Shires.

  • Is an emerging* or mid-career** professional artist.

  • Can demonstrate a serious commitment to their art practice.

  • Has secured a potential mentor.

*Emerging: Is in the early years of their professional practice

 **Mid-career: Has an established professional   practice, showing a continuous commitment. eg; exhibitions, commissions, representation …

Applicant's responsibility:

  • To complete and submit an application form in full.  Click to view form

  • To choose, contact, and secure a potential mentor themselves. Mentorship will be subject to the grant being approved.

  • To complete with the potential mentor a signed copy of the c.a.s.e Mentoring Grant Terms and Conditions and submit this with their application. Click here to view t&c document

  • To inform the potential mentor that the mentorship will be dependent on being approved for the grant.


Stone Steps _ Moss

Mentor’s eligibility:

  • A potential mentor may reside outside the Northern Rivers region but must reside in Australia. Applicants are encouraged to first look locally for their mentor.

  • They must commit to be a potential mentor for the recipient and have read, agreed to, and signed the Terms and Conditions document. 

  • Has established experience in their field of interest.

What might be the outcomes?

  • A series of mentor sessions (time, frequency, when, and where) agreed on between the potential mentor and mentee. 

  • In recognition of their commitment to the Northern Rivers Art community, the mentor will be reimbursed for their time up to $600 by c.a.s.e. inc.

  • An opportunity to assist in the development of an emerging artist's practice.

  • An exchange of ideas.


  • Check out the links above for useful information about mentoring

  • Download and make a start on your application form

  • Find and contact the person you would like to be your mentor 

  • If they agree to mentor you, download the Mentoring Grant Terms and Conditions document for you both to discuss, fill in, and sign. 

  • Finish off the application worksheet following discussions with the potential mentor


Label ALL the documents and jpegs with:

your name and the document/image title

Completed application form.

Completed and signed T&C document.

Outline of proposed mentoring sessions (where, how & when)

3 x jpegs of your work

1-page cv

Once complete email your documents and images to: 


  1. Mentees will be granted a fund for mentoring up to the value of $600. 

    • please note – the number of hours covered by $600 will depend on the mentor’s hourly rate and the arrangement made between mentor and mentee.

  2. The funds for mentees will be paid by c.a.s.e directly to the mentor upon completion of the mentoring sessions.

  3. The mentoring will occur and be completed within 9 months from notification of the grant.

  4. The mentee will arrange a plan with the mentor for when (within time frame stated), where, and how the mentoring is to take place and notify c.a.s.e via email with the details of this plan prior to commencement of the mentor sessions.

  5. Within one month of mentorship completion, the mentee is to send in their completed acquittal form which includes a short report of the experience (including images). The acquittal form will be given to the mentee by c.a.s.e. at the beginning of the mentorship.

  6. The mentee will promote c.a.s.e in any media - including social media tagging  #2023casementoringgrants  - that occurs directly, during, and from the mentorship program, and understands that c.a.s.e may use some of these images in their promotional material.

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