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The 2023 c.a.s.e. Mentoring Grants

A mentor of your choosing

c.a.s.e is offering  ten mentoring grants to support ten Northern Rivers’ artists.

Up to $600 per successful grant recipient is available, to be used for mentoring sessions from; a professional artist; someone involved in the creative arts industry; or from someone whose field of expertise is linked to your  practice.



Female Swimmer
  • Provide one-to-one, relational learning experiences from more experienced practitioners.

  • Development and diversification of current skills and understandings in all aspects of your professional practice 

  • Expand your practice into wider fields of interest.

  • Development of reflective and conceptual practices.

  • Build networks within the Northern Rivers Arts Community.



To find out more on how to choose and approach a mentor, what a good mentor experience might look like and what you can give back to the mentor, click on the following links:


Applications open: 

Wednesday 26th April 2023

Applications close:

Sunday 9th July 2023

Successful mentees & mentors, notified:

Sunday 23rd July 2023

Useful links about mentoring


Paper Craft

Applicant eligibility:​

  • Must be based either in the Ballina, Byron, Lismore, or Tweed Shires.

  • Is an emerging* or mid-career** professional artist.

  • Can demonstrate a serious commitment to their art practice.

  • Has secured a potential mentor.

*Emerging: Is in the early years of their professional practice

 **Mid-career: Has an established professional   practice, showing a continuous commitment. eg; exhibitions, commissions, representation …

Applicant's responsibility:

  • To complete and submit an application form in full.  Click to view form

  • To choose, contact, and secure a potential mentor themselves. Mentorship will be subject to the grant being approved.

  • To complete with the potential mentor a signed copy of the c.a.s.e Mentoring Grant Terms and Conditions and submit this with their application. Click here to view t&c document

  • To inform the potential mentor that the mentorship will be dependent on being approved for the grant.


Stone Steps _ Moss

Mentor’s eligibility:

  • A potential mentor may reside outside the Northern Rivers region but must reside in Australia. Applicants are encouraged to first look locally for their mentor.

  • They must commit to be a potential mentor for the recipient and have read, agreed to, and signed the Terms and Conditions document. 

  • Has established experience in their field of interest.

What might be the outcomes?

  • A series of mentor sessions (time, frequency, when, and where) agreed on between the potential mentor and mentee. 

  • In recognition of their commitment to the Northern Rivers Art community, the mentor will be reimbursed for their time up to $600 by c.a.s.e. inc.

  • An opportunity to assist in the development of an emerging artist's practice.

  • An exchange of ideas.


  • Check out the links above for useful information about mentoring

  • Download and make a start on your application form

  • Find and contact the person you would like to be your mentor 

  • If they agree to mentor you, download the Mentoring Grant Terms and Conditions document for you both to discuss, fill in, and sign. 

  • Finish off the application worksheet following discussions with the potential mentor


Label ALL the documents and jpegs with:

your name and the document/image title

Completed application form.

Completed and signed T&C document.

Outline of proposed mentoring sessions (where, how & when)

3 x jpegs of your work

1-page cv

Once complete email your documents and images to: 

  1. Mentees will be granted a fund for mentoring up to the value of $600. 

    • please note – the number of hours covered by $600 will depend on the mentor’s hourly rate and the arrangement made between mentor and mentee.

  2. The funds for mentees will be paid by c.a.s.e directly to the mentor upon completion of the mentoring sessions.

  3. The mentoring will occur and be completed within 9 months from notification of the grant.

  4. The mentee will arrange a plan with the mentor for when (within time frame stated), where, and how the mentoring is to take place and notify c.a.s.e via email with the details of this plan prior to commencement of the mentor sessions.

  5. Within one month of mentorship completion, the mentee is to send in their completed acquittal form which includes a short report of the experience (including images). The acquittal form will be given to the mentee by c.a.s.e. at the beginning of the mentorship.

  6. The mentee will promote c.a.s.e in any media - including social media tagging  #2023casementoringgrants  - that occurs directly, during, and from the mentorship program, and understands that c.a.s.e may use some of these images in their promotional material.

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