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2014 c.a.s.e. inc postcard show exhibition

@ art piece gallery

Home is where the Art is

Prize Winners
Bruce Pringle 'You can tell he's a kelpie 'cause he's red'
Sally Calanan 'I live in an art gallery'
John Walters 'Boiled Eggs'
Dean Stewart 'Family is where the art is'
Nathalie Verdejo 'Looking In'
Hilary Herrmann 'It could be me IV'
Julie Corbet 'Summer Daze 1'
Christine Mellor 'Just a little bit more'
Nicholas Wallace 'my perspective drawing'
Jordon Smith 'slice'
Coco Atkinson 'A warm welcome home'
Shanaya Hangar 'Roadtriphome'
Ellen Cleary 'Bathtub'
Phoebe Smith 'Wardrobe'
Chile Bainbridge ''emon'
Galen Bliss 'zig zagging across the nation'
Ariel McCaffery 'Night time movie'
Georgia Langfield 'In the studio'
Kayla Farrell 'Looking Out'
Oksana Waterfall 'Memory Books 2'
Jacque Marks 'Our little treasure'
Gallery shots

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2014 Home is where the Art is
2014 Home is where the Art is
under 12s , youth and adult 3D
under 12s, youth, invited & case
Youth, invited and c.a.s.e. artists
2014 Home is where the Art is
Section shots
under 12s
2D & 3D Youth
2D Youth
3D detail 1
3D detail 2
3D detail 3
3D detail 4
3D detail 5
3D detail 6
3D detail 7
3D window display
c.a.s.e. members installation
2D adult
2D adult
invited and c.a.s.e. artists
c.a.s.e. artist Leanne Stewert Haugh
Invited and c.a.s.e
gouache on panel Ice Mountain Angus Mc Donald 2014
Emma Walker, untitld, Wax, ink, 2014
c.a.s.e. artists postcard exchange 1
c.a.s.e. artists postcard exchange 2
c.a.s.e. artists postcard exchange 3
c.a.s.e. artists postcard exchange 4
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