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Art in the Pub - Niomi Sands Monday 23rd October 6pm for a 6.30pm Start

Monday 23rd October 6pm for a 6.30pm Start

@ The Courthouse Hotel, Mullumbimby.

c.a.s.e. and the Byron School of Art are delighted to welcome

Niomi Sands - A Few Things

Niomi Sands is a Port Macquarie based artist. In this talk she will explore her current works that look at the often overlooked collections of lost property.

Over the past two years Niomi has been trawling through lost property collections uncovering somewhat quirky gems that represent our everyday lives. Sands meticulously recreates these collections in thread.

Come and enjoy the talk pictures and discussions over a glass of something from the bar or a delicious plate of food from the Courthouse kitchens.

There is no charge for the talk.

For more information on Sands click here and here

fb: c.a.s.e. inc

For more information on the Byron School of Art click here

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