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Art in the Club - Kat Shapiro Wood Tuesday 10th October 2023 6pm for 6.30pm start

contemporary art space & education (c.a.s.e. inc) are delighted to welcome:

Kat Shapiro Wood

The Materiality of Substance

Kat Shapiro Wood will share insights into her multidisciplinary practice and how it has evolved to where it is today, arriving at her recent solo exhibition with Chalk Horse Gallery.

She will talk about her creative and technical process in regards to painting and sculpture and how the materiality of encaustic, ceramics and plaster are wrangled into form.

Kat is represented by Chalk Horse Gallery and @safir_ceramic

See more of Kat's work at Chalk Horse Gallery here:

@katshapirowood: Kat Shapiro Wood Instagram


Come and enjoy the talk pictures and discussions over a glass of something from the bar.
There is no charge for the talk.
fb: c.a.s.e. inc
instagram: @c.a.s.e. inc


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