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Art in the Club- Sabine Amoore Pinon - Tuesday 25th October 2022 6 pm

Please note - due to flood damage and reduced hours to our pub venue, Art in the Pub/Club will be at

the Ex-Services Club, Mullumbimby

and is on

Tuesday 25th October

(6pm for a 6.30pm start)

Hope to see you there!

No advance book in required :)

contemporary art space & education (c.a.s.e. inc) is delighted to welcome:

Sabine Amoore Pinon


Sabine will talk about her passion for pigments and her adventures into colour materiality and history during her recent studies in London.

"For reasons I can hardly explain to myself, my interest in art materials (paint and its ingredients probably uppermost let's admit it) has never stopped growing in the last ten years. It has taken me all over the world into large factories and tiny artisans' workshops, and from quarries to willow growing fields. I even ended up signing up for an MA in Art and Materials Histories (the first of its kind) at City and Guilds of London Art School at… my venerable age! Passionate teachers (from philosopher to conservator to creatives from all walks of art), delightful books, museums, hours of dusting and cleaning in a cold basement old jars filled with pigments from Cornelissen's archive (the last Artists' Colourman in the UK), rich conversations with like-minded Colour enthusiasts and many a reassessment of materials have brought what I now know.
It is little and I certainly do not pretend to have acquired even the intimate knowledge a seasoned artist would have with the pigments in his paint, even less that of the paint maker. I'm not entirely sure I even deserve to be called a colourwoman (those who sell or make paint), and so have given myself the title of Narrator of this fascinating, polymorphous, complex material I have become totally passionate about. I look forward to sharing some thoughts and discoveries on the relevance and connection of Pigment, not only to all aspects of the material world, but even to my journey as a human being, myself being another polymorphous, complex material of course. As you've understood, to me, Materials… Matter!"

For more information about Sabine click here

Come and enjoy the talk pictures and discussions over a glass of something from the bar or a delicious plate of food from the Club Bistro.
There is no charge for the talk.
fb: c.a.s.e. inc
instagram: @c.a.s.e. inc


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